Raising the living standard and socio-economic uplift of industrial workers is the cornerstone of the Government policy, which is being achieved by providing the basic and other social amenities of life to workers in the country.


                    WWF has been playing vital and progressive role in providing various important services to the industrial workers. WWF has established many housing schemes for workers throughout the country and development works of new schemes are under progress. In medical sector, WWF has established hospitals and dispensaries in the areas of workers’ concentration. As for the education sector, primary to higher secondary level educational and training institutions have been established and being run all over the country. WWF also awards fully funded scholarships to the talented children of industrial workers. A number of other welfare activities such as marriage grant and death grantare also being run by WWF.


                  The financial sector of WWF plays a key role in providing and managing different services and activities for which funds are generated through the contributions by employers under various laws along with a sustainable income from profitable, safe and secure investments in approved Government financial institutions.


All such commendable achievements are indeed the outcome of the complementary, coordinated and concerted efforts of the Government, Governing Body of WWF, Provincial Workers’ Welfare Boards and WWF Secretariat, Islamabad without which the objectives of the WWF could hardly be achieved.


                   I am highly grateful for the patronage and encouragement of the Federal Minister and Federal Secretary, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development/Chairman, Governing Body, WWF for the successful completion of various tasks and assignments. I am also highly grateful and feel obliged to the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development for providing guidance and support in respect of various issues and matters relating to WWF.


Muhammad Qasim Samad Khan


Workers' Welfare Fund