Who is the main beneficiary of the Workers Welfare Fund (WWF)?

The main beneficiaries of WWF are industrial workers of Pakistan, not Overseas Pakistanis.




What is the mandate of the Workers Welfare Fund?

WWF provides services for registered industrial workers of those industrial establishments that are contributing to WWF as per the WWF Ordinance, 1971, and the Companies Profit (Workers Participation) Act, 1968.




What is the official link of the website of WWF?





What are the objectives of WWF?

The main objective of WWF is to finance the following:

a)       Projects for the establishment of housing estates or construction of houses for the industrial workers. 

b)       Other measures for the welfare of workers are as follows:

  • Education- Free of cost up to the Secondary Level.
  • Scholarships- Post Secondary Level.
  • Marriage grants.
  • Death grants etc. 



What are the eligibility criteria for scholarship and welfare grants?

Eligibility criteria of all the welfare schemes are available in the “Policies” menu.





Where are the application forms available on the website for scholarship and welfare measures?

Application forms are available in the “Downloads” menu





Where is the detail of the address of WWF and the Contact list of officers of WWF?

Details of WWF Employees are available on the website in the “Contact Us” menu.





Any official link to the Management Information System for the registration of workers for their claims?

WF is developing a Management Information System (MIS) for the submission and processing of claims of workers and their children which will be available soon.