Eligibility Criteria of Marriage Grant


a)   Worker must be covered under IRA 2012.

b)   Minimum three years Cumulative Service 

c)   Registered with EOBI or Social Security

d)   All daughters of eligible workers / female workers (who have attained the age of 18 years) are eligible for marriage grant.

e)   Worker must be employed in an active / operational / functional industrial or mining unit registered under relevant laws.

f)    In case, both the Father and Mother are eligible workers, either of the two can claim the Marriage Grant.

g)  The worker and his/her daughters can avail Marriage Grant if he/she becomesdisabled during his/her service, subjected to the condition that they are also getting disability benefits from EOBI or Social Security.

h)  The daughter of a deceased worker can avail marriage grant provided that the worker died during service and he/she was registered with EOBI and payment of death grant has been received by his family.