SOPs for Educational Claims


1. After implementation of MIS in WWF all claims will be processed through MIS. No hard approval of claim will be entertained.

2. The Fee claim will be paid directly to schools.

3. Monetization facility has been started for claims of transport, books/stationery and uniform etc. The rates approved by Governing Body for students sponsored by WWF are as under:


Amount (Max Limit)


Payment Time


Full amount

Fee on actual basis

Items to be covered in FEE

Admission Fee

Tuition Fee

Registration Fee

Examination Fee

Library Fee

Lab Fee

Computer Fee

Transport Charges

Hostel Charges

Messing / Food Charges

Any other Charges


Items not to be covered in Fee



Charity funds

Securities (refundable or non refundable)



Monthly, Quarterly or Semesterly

Books, notebooks, stationery

to Under Matric

Rs. 7,000/-


Per session

Once a year


to Under Matric

Rs. 4,500/-


Per session



Up to 0.5 Km- no amount

0.5 to 3 Km ----      Rs. 1000/-

4 -7 Km -----           Rs. 2000/-

More than 7 Km --- Rs.3000/-

Maximum Annual Limits

For under matric Rs.18,000/- per annum

For Post Matric Rs.10,000/- per annum

Per month


Stipend to post matric

Same As previous

Category I: Intermediate Rs. 3,500/-


Category II: Bachelors Rs. 4,500/-

Category III: Masters Rs. 5,500/-