Eligibility Criteria of Scholarship


The Education Section of WWF is providing free of cost quality education (under matric and post metric) to workers’ children of Industrial Workers of Islamabad based Industries, which includes admission fee, tuition fee, books, stationery, uniform and pick & drop facility to the students upto under-matric level.

While admission fee, tuition fee, transport charges, hostel/ messing charges, registration fee, examination fee, library fee, Lab fee, Computer fee and a fixed monthly stipend is also being paid to the students of Post-matric level.

Applications of scholarship are received from workers of Islamabad based Industries which are scrutinized by the scrutiny committee, arranged by the section as per terms and conditions and eligibility criteria.

Establishment- Definition and Registration

a)    As defined under section 2 (f) of Workers Welfare Fund Ordinance and Section 2 (b) of Companies Profit (Workers’ Participation) Act, 1968.

b)   Public Sector Organizations which are contributing through transfer of left out amount under clause (a) of paragraph 4 (d) of Companies Profit (Workers’ Participation) Act, 1968.

c)    Establishment must be registered under Factories Act, 1934/Mines Act, 1923/Shops and Establishment Ordinance, 1969.

d)    Establishment must be registered with EOBI or Social Security Institution.


Worker- Definition Registration and Service Limit.

a)    As defined under the definition of "Worker" given in IRA 2012.

b)    Registered with Social Security or EOBI Schemes.

c)    Having at least 03 (three) years cumulative service.

d)   Must be in service at the time of submission of application form. However,.children of deceased worker are eligible to apply for scholarship subject to the condition that the widow / legal heirs of the deceased worker have obtained death grant from Workers Welfare Fund.


Student –Definition and Registration

a)    Real child of eligible worker.

b)    Regularly enrolled / to be enrolled on merit for study.


Categories and rates of scholarship

In addition to all expenses of the students, vis-a-vis admission fee, tuition fee, transport charges, hostel /messing charges, registration fee, examination fee, library fee, lab fee, computer fee (except charity funds and refundable or non-refundable securities), a fixed scholarship according to following categories will be paid.

i)   Cadet College/ Public Schools being run by the Federal or a Provincial Government.
ii)   Intermediate or equivalent course from Federal/ or a Provincial Board of Education or any other institution recognized by the Federal/ Provincial Government.
iii)  Technical Training institutes registered with Provincial Board of Technical & Vocational Education/ Provincial TEVTAS/ NTB/ NEVTEC.
(per month)
Category-II Graduation Degree (of two/four years duration) from a Public or Private University or College/ Institution affiliated with them, duly recognized by HEC.
(per month)
i)    Post-Graduation Degree from a Public or Private University /Medical College registered with HEC.
ii)   Degree from an Engineering University / Medical College registered with HEC and by the Pakistan Engineering Council or PMDC, as the case may be.
(per month)


Other Terms and Conditions

Further terms & conditions for the award of scholarships to the children of the workers failing under Cat-II & III are as follows:

a)       Prior clearance of National Testing Service (NTS) examination, if compulsory under the HEC regulations or any other preliminary test, for getting admission.

b)        Student will take admission only in HEC approved courses.

c)      Student will take/ study all subjects in a semester offered by Public/ Private College / University etc. as the case may be, and, complete its course within the approved minimum time frame by the HEC, for the said course. In case, a student fails to complete his course within the approved time frame of the HEC, his case can be reviewed on the basis of solid reasons submitted by the student duly verified by the Public/ Private College/ University etc. as the case may be, and supported with the documentary evidence.

d)       The student once registered in a course will not be allowed to change the selected discipline.

e)        Only one Post-Graduation Level course will be financed by WWF.

f)      In principle, the applicability of the scholarship scheme is up to the level of Post-Graduation. However, award of scholarship beyond Post-Graduation level courses will be considered on case to case basis and will be allowed only with the prior approval of the Chairman (WWB) or Secretary (WWF), as the case may be.